Randy started working at GAP Inc. in 1980 as a laborer and made his way up the ladder as an operator, foreman, and eventually to vice president at GAP Inc . Hard work and loyalty paid off and in 1997 Randy was named president. Since then he’s been responsible for coordinating all operations.

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In 1977, Gary Anthony Poborsky co-founded GAP Inc. He has sold, operated, and created vacuum equipment for over 30 years. Gary’s story epitomizes the American dream of success through hard work and craftsmanship. On an average day, he can be found at GapVax, where he oversees production of the equipment used at GAP Inc and around the globe.


Gary gives much credit of their successes to his beautiful wife, Rose, mother of their five children. Rose oversees accounting, finances and corporate strategy for their many companies— including GAP Inc, her primary focus on a day-to-day basis.